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You’ll find us in the heart of Point Pleasant, just a short stroll from the river on the border of Putney and Wandsworth.

9 Osiers Road, Wandsworth, SW18 1NL

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 5am—11.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7am—10pm

Every day: 7am—10pm

Culture Gym & Kitchen


indoors, outdoors and london itself

We’ve poured a lifetime of training experience into creating what we believe is the best-equipped gym in London. You won’t find this mix of facilities anywhere else.

Facilities list:

Hammer Strength
Tricep Press, Bicep Curl, Wide Chest, Flat Chest / Dip, Incline Chest, Lat Pulldown, Shoulder Press, Back Iso Row, Decline Chest, Leg Curl, Calf Raise, Chest Press (White), Pull-Over (White)

Bicep Curl, Tricep Press, Deadlift, Leg Press, Back Iso-Row, Back Bent Row, Leg Extension, Leg Curl

Seated Abdominal, Chest Press, Leg Press, Lat Pulldown, Bicep Iso Curl, Tricep Iso Press, Lateral Raise, Shoulder Press, Leg Extension, Iso Leg Cur, Seated Calf

Abductor, Adductor, Assisted Pull-Up

Free Motion
Cable Cross-Over, Lat Pulldown, Bicep Curl, Squat, Standing Abdominal

Gym 80
4 Station Combo, 2 Station Bicep/Tricep, Glute Kickback, Pull-Over, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Standing Calf, Cable Cross-Over

Humansport, Star-Trac Leg Press, Icarian Pec/Rear Delt, Life Fitness Pec/Rear Delt, Star Trac Max-Rack, Hoist Smith - 1, Hoist Smith - 2, Icarian Squat Cage, Squat Rack, Star-Trac Cable X-Over, Thera-Crunch, Ab-Coaster, Strive Bicep Curl, Hoist Pec Deck, Leg Raise, 5x Large Blue Stretch Mats

Nautilus Decline, Nautilus Incline, Nautilus Shoulder, Flat Bench Press, Free-Weight Benches About 5, Flat Sit-Up Bench

Technogym Set + 6 Racks, Escape Fitness Barbells and Rack, Escape Dumbbells and Rackbells, Giant Dumbbells 5-20kg, Heavy Mixed Dumbbells to 60kg, Olympic Bars x4, Cambered Olympic Bar, Bars and Weights in Studio

3x Cybex Arc Trainer, 5x Star Trac Treadmill, 2x Stairmaster Step, 1x Lifefitness Climber, 5x Star Trac Pro Cycle, 2x Concept Rower


we have the know how and love to share it

Meet Petr and Sylvie

Culture is a family operation, created by husband and wife Petr Pavelec and Sylvie Siklosi. Your fitness and wellbeing couldn’t be in better hands.

Petr is a highly qualified and in-demand personal trainer. But he has also spent a lifetime training to compete at the highest level as a sportsman and bodybuilder, giving him real personal insight into every step of the training process.

Sylvie is a passionate healthy eating advocate who brings in-depth understanding of fitness nutrition and serious Italian cooking skills to the table. Together, they have formed the perfect partnership of training and diet.

But for Petr and Sylvie, Culture is much more than a business. It’s how they live. It’s their passion. And they can’t wait to share it with you.

The Culture Family

Petr and Sylvie are joined by an expert team of personal trainers, coaches, therapists, athletes and all-round lovely people dedicated to developing your fitness and making Culture your new home from home. Are you ready to get started?